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  • The advanced glass market will reach 61.57 billion U.S. dollars by 2020


    The improvement of national economic conditions and the increase in terminal applications are the main factors to promote the high-end glass market. Advanced glass is a special stage of glass with certain characteristics and is produced for certain special purposes. The most basic high-grade glass is divided into laminated glass, coated glass, and tempered glass. In terms of application areas, the advanced glass market is divided into commercial buildings, residential buildings, infrastructure, automobiles, electronics, sports, and leisure. Laminated glass accounted for 39% of the advanced glass market in 2014.

       Due to the development of the national automobile and construction industries, emerging countries such as China, India, Brazil and Argentina are transforming into major markets for high-end glass. As a global electronics manufacturing center, China makes the market for high-end glass manufacturers lucrative. The increase in demand for medical applications and advanced glass has created new opportunities for manufacturers. Taking into account the large-scale investment in the aerospace and defense fields in the Asia-Pacific region and North America, the demand for advanced glass is bound to increase rapidly in the next few years.

      It is estimated that by 2020, the high-end glass market will reach 61.57 billion U.S. dollars, a growth rate of about 9.6% from 2015 and 2020; in terms of volume, the high-end glass market is expected to reach 4,912,360,000 square feet by 2020.

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